Crossover Brand’s e-shop is your basketball wear destination!

Our apparel is inspired from the latest trends, produced from ultimate quality, certified materials and designed to fulfil every aspect of an athlete’s demanding lifestyle. From intensive practice and game days to daily life activities, Crossover basketball apparel has been trusted from many professional teams throughout the years and promises to provide you with ultimate comfort, high efficiency, fashionable looks and long-term resistance.


“Crossover Brand was born as a fruit of my passion for basketball, which, in turn, came as a result of my 20 year experience as a player, first, and as a coach, later”, says Crossover Brand’s owner and CEO.


Crossover Basketball was established in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2013, when it started collaborations with basketball teams from all over Greece, as an exclusive clothing supplier. On the same year, Crossover Basketball becomes the clothing supplier and exclusive merchandiser of the World Veterans’ Basketball Tournament, in Palais de Sports, Thessaloniki.

The first custom-made digital uniform was born in 2014 and it was then when creativity and inspiration took game uniforms to a whole new level and made Crossover Brand one of the leading companies in digital basketball wear.

In 2017, Crossover Basketball launches its retail e-shop, where Crossover Brand apparel is released for public sales.

By 2020, Crossover Basketball is the exclusive supplier and boutique merchandiser of 4 Basket League professional teams, 3 of them playing in European Level. (ARIS BC, IRAKLIS BC, PERISTERI BC, PROMITHEAS BC)

A few months later, Crossover Brand expands its line of clothing with women’s and kid’s department.

In 2021, in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Greek National Tourism Organisation, Crossover Brand holds a 3on3 tournament in Aristotelous square, Thessaloniki downtown.

In 2022, Crossover Brand upgrades its corporate identity and sets up a retail department store in its facilities.

Basketball to us is more than just a sport, it is a way of living. It means staying committed and focused on your goals; being determined to fight for them and not settle for average. Just like the crossover dribble, basketball to us means being in control, remaining flexible, overcoming any obstacles and always seeing a new game in your mind that will lead you to the top.

Crossover Brand is your team: a team where everyone is unique and where together we can be unbeatable. Our desire is that among us you will always find space to grow, to feel stronger and go after your dreams. Our vision is to keep providing you with more than what you are looking for, what makes you feel at your best and helps you reach higher. Our vision is you; with your individual style, your own abilities, your personal goals, your priceless value.